Cemo Hall Breakout Room Policies and Procedures.

Rooms may only be reserved by faculty, staff and students of the Bauer College for meetings related to specific courses, organizations or programs of the Bauer College.

The user must provide a driver's license or credit card at the Rockwell Career Center front desk on the 2nd floor of Cemo Hall in order to check out a key.  Student IDs will not be accepted.  DL/CC will be returned when the room key is returned.
Keys should be returned to the front desk of the RCC as soon as a reservation period has ended or, if it is after business hours, to the after-hours key drop box in the 1st floor hallway of Cemo Hall near the elevators.
Food and drink must be kept to a minimum, spills must be cleaned immediately and user is responsible for any stains left in the room.
Trash must be removed from the room and placed in appropriate receptacles at the end of the session.
User is responsible for any damage to the room during their reservation including, but not limited to: Furniture, walls, carpet, ceiling, and glass
If a room is reserved for after 5pm, the user must provide a $25.00 check (No cash) in order to check out a key to return after business hours.  Check will be voided if key is returned to the overnight key box prior to 8am the next morning and the room is clean and left in good condition.
Voided checks can be picked up from the Rockwell Career Center front desk 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. the day after the reservation.  Checks not picked up by 5:00 p.m. will be shredded.
Check will be deposited if the key is not returned prior to 8am and the user may lose future reservation privileges.
Check will be deposited if the room is not clean, trash is left in the room, or if there are stains or other damages to the room and the user may lose future reservation privileges.
Room doors should not be propped open at any time during a reservation.
By reserving a meeting room, you agree to be personally and financially responsible for adhering to these policies.
Please note that picking up the key to the room you reserved more than 15 minutes after the start time of your reservation may result in your room being assigned to another student with an immediate need to utilize the room.